Sunday, 9 November 2014

Splatter Art!

Splatter Art!

Do you know what splatter art is? The name 'splatter art' gives it away. Splatter Art is when you create a piece of artwork by splattering paint on it. The effect is absolutely amazing!

I looked at some of the artwork that other students at Enrich have created. The effects from the splatters is 3-d. And as I said before, it looks really cool.

The steps to.... Splatter Art!
1. Pick the colours for your background and make enough of it to cover your whole piece of paper (I picked purple for mine).
2. Paint your background. Make sure that the paint is all even.
3. Pick your splatter colours. (The colours I chose were rose red and light blue). Splatter them all over your page by using any technique you want.

For art today we didn't really do splatter art. For the first couple of steps we did, but next week we are going to paint flowers on our piece of paper.

This is me wiping truck loads of paint off my painting because I put way too much on.

This is me splattering my painting with my two colours:

  • Rose-red 
  • Light Blue

Sunday, 2 November 2014

The World has Changed .........

When you think about it, the world has changed A LOT since the 'ancient' days. (By ancient I mean back when were great-grandparents were around).

For P4C today, we had to make a list of how much the world has changed. 
Here's my list:

  • Currency - money
  • Food
  • Technology
  • Clothes 
  • Washing - nowadays we have washing machines, and dryers.
Thanks for reading my blog!
Bye! See you next week!

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Last term I had to present a three minute presentation to a small group of my classmates. When I had finished I was relieved and glad that it was all over and done with and that I didn't have to do it this term.

My goals for term 4:
My goals this term would be to organize my time better and contribute more to class activities.

This week was the last week of Passion Projects, so I had to finish my mug and plates. To paint my mug I used a sponge  to give it texture and effects.

See you next week!!

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Poor Unicorn

Guess what, last week I smashed my amazing unicorn cup. Wasn't that a bit silly. But when I was painting it and smoothing it off, it fell apart. So I squashed it up into tiny little pieces and made it into paper clay. Paper clay is clay mixed in with paper. It is used to stick things back together again if they broke. Too bad my unicorn broke into too many pieces that I could stick them back together again.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Unicorn on the run!

Welcome everybody to Enrich@ILT News. Today there has been an outrageous rumor going around. (I personally think that the rumor is true). The rumor is....
There is a unicorn on the run!

Hi everybody. I'm Madison, and yes, I do believe that there is a unicorn on the run. 
Today for passion time, I continued making my mug. Last week I made; the base of the cup, the horn (you probably think I'm weird putting a horn on a mug) and the handle (like all mugs have). This week I had to smooth of the rim of the mug so that I would be able to drink from it, and paint it. 

Oh, sorry, I forgot to tell you what I'm making. I am making a UNICORN!! See what I mean about there's a unicorn on the run? The unicorn's face colour is maude, it's nose is purple, it's mouth is red and it's eyes are purple and the handle colour is maude.
I had to add some paper clay to it because the horn was falling off and a big piece of clay fell off.

In the end I thought it looked pretty cool.

Bye! See you next week!

Sunday, 10 August 2014

What do YOU think will happen in 1000 years?

Today for the Newspaper at Enrich@ILT I started writing an article about 'What do YOU think will happen in the next 1000 years?' 
Next week I am going to interview some people and put their answers in the Enrich@ILT 2014 edition NEWSPAPER!

I think...
In 1000 years I think that there will be lots of new inventions. Somebody would have probably invented an invincible pill! Too bad I won't be around to take one. I also think that there will be a lot more electronic devices. 

Nobody would care about school. All of the schools would get vandalized and broken. The people that do care about school would probably get home schooled. There might be a really big meteor that will hit the earth so fast that all of the humans and animals will go extinct! (Hopefully that won't happen).

Comment below what YOU think will happen in the next 1000 years and your answers might get put in to the Enrich@ILT 2014 edition Newspaper!

Bye! See you next week! Hopefully I get some answers to 'What do YOU think will happen in the next 1000 years?'

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Minnie Dean

She took babies into her care and then killed them when nobody was around. She got hung at the Invercargill Gaol. She married Charles Dean and they had six kids together.
That's right, she's Minnie Dean!

Minnie Dean was the first (and hopefully the last) person to be hung in New Zealand. She was hung for the murder of three babies (there were two more but the police weren't sure if they had died of a disease that couldn't be cured, or if Minnie Dean had killed them).

Minnie Dean was born in 1847 and hung in 1895. She emigrated to New Zealand in 1868 and then got married to Charles Dean.

Before Minnie Dean moved to New Zealand she had two kids. They were girls and nobody ever found out who the dad was. Also, nobody ever found out what happened to Minnie's two girls.

For our newspaper today we had to write out one of our articles. I did......
I must admit, it's quite interesting finding out about a criminal.

BYE! See you next week!